Concord Police Looking To Create Drone Program – Will Release Details In Zoom Meetings

May 5, 2021 14:00 pm · 27 comments

The Concord Police Department will be hosting a series of Zoom meetings regarding the potential creation of a Public Safety Unmanned Aerial Systems (drone) program, and they are looking for input from the community.

Beginning on Monday May 10, the meeting series will take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings, between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Each meeting will cater to specific Concord neighborhoods and all neighborhoods will be reached by the end of the series.

The Police Department will post the announcements and links on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please direct any questions to Administrative Services Lieutenant, Nick Gartner at 925-671-5095, or via email at

Anonymous May 5, 2021 at 2:01 PM

Cameras at every intersection are not enough? They want to look into backyards too?

anon May 6, 2021 at 7:25 AM

Most are traffic light sensors & do not record…do nothing wrong & you do not have to worry…..

remember May 5, 2021 at 2:45 PM


Thunderdome May 5, 2021 at 3:07 PM

Just a matter of time before City starts using them for code enforcement violations to generate revenue.

Badg1104 May 5, 2021 at 3:32 PM

I actually trust these for use by the Concord Police Department…. certainly a lot more than Obama’s drones!

Yoyohop May 5, 2021 at 6:23 PM

Obama started the policy of murdering foreign civilians with drones and Trump continued that policy.

Making flying police robots a normal way of life- what could go wrong?

anon May 6, 2021 at 7:31 AM

“Obama started the policy of murdering foreign civilians with drones and Trump continued that policy.”

If they were going to kill innocent American – most would agree that was a good plan

Winston Smith May 5, 2021 at 3:39 PM

I would have preferred robotic police dogs patrolling neighborhoods. They really strike fear into the criminally inclined.

RANDOM TASK May 5, 2021 at 4:32 PM

no real problem but why does it have to be a zoom only thing

why the shroud

let us all know so when and if we decide we can address it at the zoom

and not be told at the zoom this is what the city council and dem politicians want the police to do

i dont find any reason for the ss to be flying around at our expense
you all ready have access to a helicopter

now if your platform is to hover over bum camps and track known trouble makers and make arrests when they violate parole or self parole or self rehab or self intervening or self what ever that the dems are so proud of

inform us before the meeting or yeah its just more control over the actual working and tax paying people while the dem politicians let everyone else do what ever they want

anon May 6, 2021 at 7:36 AM

“i dont find any reason for the ss to be flying around at our expense
you all ready have access to a helicopter”

ss – really ?? CPS does not round up people & send they to the ovens
the copter is the Sheriff’s & is not available on a moments notice (big county..Richmond & all & may be down for maintenance)

Anonymous May 5, 2021 at 4:42 PM

Sure, like seat belt enforcement.

First, it was only a warning if you were pulled over for something else, but they couldn’t pull you over for the seat belt violation alone.
Then it was a fine, but they couldn’t pull you over for the seat belt violation alone.
Now they can pull you over for the seat belt violation alone and fine you.

Slippery slope, get it?

First, they will say it’s only used to search for suspects in flight, like peeping Toms hiding in the park or in wooded areas.
Then they will be used for patrolling the streets.
Finally, since they aren’t limited to the streets like automobiles, they can patrol wherever they like, including between homes and over yards.

And the sheep will gladly trade liberty for a sense of false security like they always do.

double dzzz May 5, 2021 at 4:48 PM

The drone commander ready for the pool parties. so put on a good show folks.

nytemuvr May 5, 2021 at 5:03 PM

Aren’t the Black Ops helicopters and Chem-trails from jets not enough?

stoptheinsanity May 5, 2021 at 6:47 PM

Oh, I see what they’re up to….defund the police and send drones to domestic disputes instead of actual officers. How clever.

Strad May 5, 2021 at 8:14 PM
BOB May 5, 2021 at 8:18 PM

Well, as the highest paid and most top heavy police department in the Bay Area they do have lots of money, just like at (or feel) our streets!!!

kilo May 6, 2021 at 7:55 AM

Highest paid? Your’re joking right?

Look at what the average CPD cop makes compared to Richmond PD, Antioch PD, BART PD, San Ramon PD, or Walnut Creek PD.

Concord is on the lower end of the Bay Area pay scale for police.

Chris May 5, 2021 at 8:42 PM

Some police departments use drones during vehicle chases during heavily traffick or when speeds become dangerous and the police cars stop and drones take over to avoid possible crashes. I’m all for it if it aids the department to make the community more safe.

ConcordRes2 May 6, 2021 at 5:44 AM

Hope the City adds in the cost of the lawsuits that will be coming before the first drone flys.

chuckie the troll May 6, 2021 at 7:33 AM

Maybe the drone could locate the residence of citizens who object to the use of this device. Because that objection will no doubt be a crime one day.

Two Wheeler May 6, 2021 at 8:14 AM

Actually @Bob, Concord isn’t even close to being the highest paid in the Bay Area. Not even top 10.

Simonpure May 6, 2021 at 9:19 AM

I tried to join a paranoid anonymous group once but they wouldn’t tell me where the meetings were held.

KBB May 6, 2021 at 10:07 AM

So much for nude sunbathing in the backyard 😎

Green & Gold. May 6, 2021 at 10:16 AM

I don’t like this idea, but then again I don’t need to worry, because I don’t live in Concord.

No May 6, 2021 at 2:45 PM

Even if the community collectively agrees that they are opposed to the idea of law enforcements use of drones, anyone who pays attention (and cares about their privacy) would already be aware of all the forms of surveillance that have BEEN implemented to invade our privacy. Transparency is key for the public to know if abuses are taking place and who to hold responsible. It’s an invasion of people’s civil rights, the 4th amendment. Even if they set warrant requirements for police departments limiting how they collect and retain information, there will always be loopholes and entities that abuse power. Law enforcement has already uses technology such as facial recognition software, license plate readers, etc. So why not just throw it all on a drone and use that to spy on us? They’re much more sneaky than a helicopter or a plane. To allow law enforcement to keep advancing the technology used to keep everyone in check is to give up your right to be left alone. That doesn’t sit well with me, and that’s coming from someone with a spotless record, who shouldn’t have to assume that they are under constant surveillance through drones or anything else. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I highly doubt that anyone accepting of this bull has opened a book and done their research. Poor sheep.

anon May 6, 2021 at 8:40 PM

Horrible idea, will be abused within 24 hours of being put in place.

Remember before 9/11 when we had privacy, before the boomers willingly signed it away?

paul kep May 8, 2021 at 6:09 PM

It starts with a drone or 2, where does it stop?? What happens to the data they collect? It should be public record, but will it ?? Who oversees it, no doubt the police, or a police friendly agency, overseeing themselves. Once allowed, it will never be discontinued.

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