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This special post is “Talk About LOCAL Politics”.

Please use this post to talk about LOCAL politics, and keep state and national politics out of this thread.

Thank you, and be kind to each other.

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SOS May 29, 2020 at 8:52 PM

Funny how nobody responds to this local thread, okay allow me. I have a real local fear now, and my prayers mostly go out to the Pleasant Hill police who are very good at their jobs unlike Walnut Creek where the untrained Valley Girl dispatchers get everyone angry from the moment of call-in (ask Tawn Hall). The assumption is that every officer in the USA is white and angry. Never mind the officers of color and all the tattooed white guys who are pulled over for merely walking down the street with their pants around their knees and their backwards hats. There is NO excuse for mistreatment of human beings of any color but when you’ve seen enough low lifes and you need to protect your own life–without being paid appropriately b/c the city keeps wanting to make cuts– is it any wonder the police learn to become inhumane?

Ilovepopcorn May 30, 2020 at 12:41 PM

What? No excuse ever for law enforcement to abuse anyone anyway! NEVER.

Cellophane May 30, 2020 at 1:47 PM


In this world, there are no two people alike.

We all look and act differently.

To expect any one group to all behave a certain way is not reasonable.

There are good and bad people in every walk of life.

If someone wants sworn police officers to behave each and every time the very same way, well, that’d be pretty much impossible.

Police agencies work very hard with training and discipline along with strict background checks for everyone who works there.

The vast majority of police officers are people you want living next door to you.

Hope Johnson May 31, 2020 at 8:55 AM

Good public policy requires demanding lethal violence by police forces be exceptions rather than the rule. “The rule” being the overall principle guiding individual police officer decisions on how laws are enforced in each situation. “Exceptions” being rare, not standard practice or excuses to take actions too far. Police departments are not the military. Laws need to be enforced to comply with our constitutional right to a trial by a jury of our peers. Police are not judges and juries. Certainly, detaining and arrests that do not result in death and extreme injury should be the goal of each and every government with jurisdiction over its police force. Anything less is unconstitutional. Heavy-handed actions should be a last resort.

The murder of George Floyd, like the brutal beating of Rodney King, demonstrates a lack of appropriate policy within the police department. Why? Because not just one or two so-called “bad apple” officers were involved. Multiple officers participated and found it acceptable not to intervene to stop the inappropriate conduct by their own colleagues.

Gittyup June 3, 2020 at 6:37 AM

Most people would notice that, if you struggle with the arresting officer, you run the risk of ending up dead. Seems to happen again and again. So, most people might want to alter their behavior to be more cooperative and polite in order to change the outcome of the encounter.

chuckie the troll May 30, 2020 at 9:57 AM

I don’t expect our city or county elected officials to listen or respond, but I’m one of those people from the movie Network who wants to shout from my window, “I’m mad as hell and won’t take it anymore!”.

I told the wife when this shutdown began that when it got hot, and some police officer somewhere did something stupid, we’d have riots. And sure enough I was right. Heck, it isn’t even summer, started in Minneapolis, and spread all over. I underestimated how bad it could be.

So to our politicians, Free Us Now! Let the vulnerable remain safely within their facilities if they choose. Let the ‘immune-compromised’ and fearful cower-in-place as long as they wish. But you have to let people go back to work, worship, recreate, mingle because folks are so done with losing their freedom.

And if you don’t, then you will be responsible if rioting starts here in Claycord. If the County Health Officer can’t make the right decision, get a new one.

The Fearless Spectator May 30, 2020 at 2:52 PM

And put the people who are supposed to be in jail back in jail.

PH Susan June 3, 2020 at 9:36 AM

You’re telling the politicians to “free us now?”

You’ve already lost. if you have to demand that. Either vote them out or recall them. BUT HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

So far, it’s been noting but talk.

ACT NOW to remove them!

dws01palm May 30, 2020 at 1:07 PM

Practice your Constitutional Rights. Some People are so done with those.

Cellophane June 1, 2020 at 8:02 AM

Where are our City’s elected representatives?

Or Leaders, as some would refer to them.

What is being done to strengthen the protection of the City?

I can’t be the only person in Concord who wants to know how the City will respond if more attacks are made on our businesses and people.

What happens if the rumors are true and Concord is attacked again Tuesday night?

Can we hear that the Mayor and City Council are doing something, anything?

Or is silence all our elected representatives have to offer?

Antler June 4, 2020 at 10:39 AM

Ask to “friend” Councilman Edi Birsan on his Facebook page, and you WILL have a voice…. and you WILL get answers when you ask questions. Also, be sure you Install the city’s app. so as to receive general updates (including various alerts re emergency) and city activities info. Among other things there, you will find links to various city departments, including code enforcement.
Another responsive councilperson is Carlyn Obringer.

Turn n Burning June 4, 2020 at 9:36 AM

Where is our Mayor? Honestly I don’t even know who it is? I would like to hear a weekly review of the happenings in Concord by our Mayor. Preferably with a video. If anything, just to let us know who they are, maybe at least act like they care about US! Is that to much to ask?

Lars Anderson June 4, 2020 at 12:41 PM

Our Mayor is Tim McGallian. He was initially appointed to the council by the Concord PD labor union – who run our town behind the scenes. He later ran for a seat – uncontested – so the guy became a councilman and later a Mayor without any real community support.
Like so many other council people, he was just sort of dumped on us by powerful special interest groups, such as the Concord POA and the Garaventa’s. This is what happens when your town is run by a smelly special interest backed political machine, which is the case in Concord.
McGallian’s nickname is Mayor McDoNothing. He got this nickname because he does nothing but talk, he’s a good talker, and a good smoozer too, but there are never any positive outcomes for Concord from his work. Nothing!
As a smoozer, I should mention, Mayor McGallian is in a league of his own. Ever been worked over by a giant St. Bernard dog? That’s what it’s like getting worked over by McGallian. After a one minute conversation with McGallian you feel like you have been dancing with a St. Bernard for an hour.
Personally when I see McGallian at some event, and I see him moving toward me, I do an immediate about face and shoot off into another direction because you just don’t want to get trapped into a conversation with a gasbag like Tim McGallian, he will talk you to death if you let him (and say nothing meaningful while he is doing it!)
McGallian’s has earned the nickname Mayor McDoNothing because he is unable to get stuff done. Like others on the Concord City Council he suffers from “Concord City Council disease” – meaning he just sit’s on the council year after year and flaps his jaws. Despite all the talk by council people, nothing of any consequence happens in Concord, except the bleeding of red ink – which happens like clockwork every few years..
McGallian, as I point out frequently, can’t figure out how to build a new library, a teen center, a new City Hall, a theater for dramatic plays – nor can he figure out how to develop the old Navy base, or the old coast guard homes. McGallian also can’t figure out how to get a state college to come to Concord, or fund programs for kids, or provide quality recreation programs (like they have in PH).
McGallian, as I continually report, only excels in one area – giving city employees raises! At that McGallian is got to be considered a “national expert” because Concord has among the highest median pay packages of any city in the State of California – Concord leads the state in bloated city worker pay packages!
We residents that pay taxes – year after year – rightfully deserve something for our tax dollars – like a new library or a teen center for kids – but all we ever get out of these council members – like McGallian, Hoffmiester, and Obringer – is talk, talk, talk, and big fat raises for city employees.

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