Best Of The Best – SportStars Announces Major Honors Project In Conjunction With Its 10th Anniversary

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Story By Chace Bryson – Photo By Phillip Walton

What do Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist water polo player Maggie Steffens and Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon all have in common?

They all played high school sports in Northern California during the SportStars Magazine Era.

That era will reach 10 full years in length this coming June.

Beginning with its first 2020 issue on January 17, the magazine plans to begin an near year-long celebration of its first decade of covering Northern California’s best high school athletes and teams. The project will be called The Big 10.

The goal of The Big 10 Series will be naming the top 10 athletes of the SportStars Decade in each of the sports that end in CIF regional or state championships. In many of the sports we’ll name the top 10 teams as well.

These won’t be the traditional All-Decade teams that many news organizations announced around the holidays. That’s because SportStars Magazine didn’t debut until the 2010 school year was nearly complete. Therefore, athletes competing during this winter season and this coming spring, will be eligible.

The process of building these lists will involve interviews with coaches, conversations with other journalists and the magazine’s own research. What each athlete accomplished within his or her high school career will be balanced with his or her success at the higher levels.

The plan is to involve the magazine’s readers as well. In certain sports, will host voting contests for you to choose who you believe were the top athlete and teams of the decade.

They will not be easy decisions. Bank on that.

The first Big 10 list will be girls volleyball players and debuts in the January 17 online exclusive issue. Other Big 10 lists expected to drop online in January will include girls golf, boys and girls cross-country and girls volleyball teams. Expect water polo teams in early February as well as the first online vote involving football teams.

In the middle of the project, the magazine will produce its 10th Anniversary issue in June andl feature The Big 10 overall male athletes, and The Big 10 overall female athletes. The issue will also have The Big 10 overall boys teams and The Big 10 overall girls teams.

It’s a good bet that Goff, Steffens and Gordon will have even more in common after those are produced.

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