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KAD December 3, 2019 at 7:52 PM

Now that Timmy is mayor, I may not be watching all of the Concord City Council meetings. I had to step away and missed out on who the Vice Mayor is? Can someone tell me?

Lars Anderson December 4, 2019 at 3:39 AM

The Vice Mayor is Dominic Alliano. He went to De La Salle, he’s a sharp guy – he played football for this legendary coach they have at they school, named Bob Ladoceur That’s significant, that coach is a moulder of men, so I believe Alliano has a bright future in what ever he does.

Hope Johnson December 4, 2019 at 9:45 AM

Aliano is about as far away from sharp as you can get. He reads everything he contributes at meetings and has difficulty going into depth of his argument during any follow up discussion. What’s more, he complained to staff at budget meetings over the summer that he was having trouble dealing with both his role as a Concord City Councilmember and his job working for the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors. How is he now supposed to take on a third duty of Vice Mayor? Contra Costa government is ridiculously incestuous – no wonder its assembly-line elected officials are still arguing policy based on 1950s knowledge and they think nothing of taking illegal campaign contributions, double dipping into pension pension funds, endorsing candidates who openly engage in all of the former, and choosing the most corrupt companies to come on in and steal what they can so long as they give the proper people the expected take of the bounty.

Lars Anderson December 5, 2019 at 8:41 AM

I was not happy with Alliano’s vote to allow marijuana stores in Concord, I must admit. City officials want these stores to raise tax revenue, obviously, but marijuana is bad for people. As a community we should not be encouraging people to get stoned and stupid. Marijuana is a gateway to other drugs, that’s well known, just talk to somebody in recovery, they will tell you that.
The reason why city staff wanted these marijuana stores in Concord is because the city desperately needs more revenue. Even though we are in the midst of the greatest economic boom in 40 years Concord is still teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, thanks to council people like Hoffmiester, McGallian and Obringer. None of these three could manage a corner grocery store, if you put them in charge of a corner grocery store the workers would all be making 60 bucks an hour, the store would have nothing on the shelves to sell, and the building would be falling down due to lack of repairs.
Concord need this revenue from the marijuana stores not for the purpose of building a new library, or stopping the downhill slide of the Concord Pavillion (embarassingly bad shows now), or to enhance city recreation programs or to fund youth programs or to fund the arts.
The City of Concord needs the money to pay the Wyatt Earp gang over at the Concord PD, who are gouging taxpayers with thier outrageous salary demands, thier demands for un-needed make work managment jobs over at the PD, and thier demands that all future officers retire on pensions of 100K and up (managers 200K and up), pensions so fantastick I get physcially ill thinking about ithem. 100K a year to lay around and do nothing for your 30 or 40 years of retirement!
While I am not that familiar with Alliano, I do think he has shown some measure of independence. I am guessing the POA backed him for his run for the council, and the Garaventas too, but I don’t percieve him as a stooge for these two revolting greedy special interest groups. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my perception. I am guessing the Concord PD leadership were not ethusiastic backers of marijuana stores coming to Concord, the officers have to deal with drugged up people all the time,
As a Concord resident I want to see a new library built, I want to see Concord’s recreation programs beefed up (tiny Pleasant Hill, right next store, has far better recreation programs), I also want to see the Pavillion placed front and center again – it’s the crown jewel of our city. Under our current leadership the Pavillion has been on a long downhill slide.
It sure would be great if Dominick Allino could take up the cause of a new library. Laura Hoffmiester has been on the council for decades yet she hasn’t come up with a “plan” to build a new library in Concord. During Hoffmiesters many years on the council Danville, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Clayton, have all built new libraries, and Pleasant Hill has got one on the way. Even tiny El Sobrante has built a new library! Where is Concord’s badly needed new library to replace our current antiquated rat trap?
A key problem, in my view, is the ridiculous amount of money being spent over at the PD. The Concord PD gas become a giant black hole where all Concord’s tax dollars go – never to be seen again. The spending going on at the PD – during a period when crime is way down all over the state (50% reduction in violent crime in California since 92, according to researchers) is ludicrous.
The massive amount of over spending going on at Concord PD, the whopper salaries (Captains make more than PD Chiefs in adjacent communities. In Concord dispatchers make more than sworn officers in Clayton!) indicates to me you’ve got some corruption going on. The sour odor of corruption is in the air.
Why is all this spending going at the PD? Where is the crime that would justify it? Concord has averaged 3 murders a year over the last 15 years. Why are Concord PD officers among the highest paid in Northern California? How come outgoing Chief Swanger was one of the highest paid PD Chiefs in California? Why all this OT at the PD, where is the crime wave that would necessitate officers routinely getting 80K a year in OT? Isn’t our city budget only being balanced with Measure K money?
The key to solving Concord’s budget woes, in part, is to dismantle Concord’s costly “big city” police department and turn it back into what it used to be – a low cost suburban PD. In a low crime suburban city you don’t have to spend all this money crime fighting, you can put money into other things, as other surrounding cities are doing.
I hope Dominick Alliano is reading this. If he doesn’t figure out a way to get control of the spending going at Concord PD he will have a career on the City Council where he accomplishes absolutely nothing, which is the case with Laura Hoffmiester. We don’t need any more do nothing council people like Hoffmiester or McGallian – council people who just flap their jaws about how broke the city is while they are simultaneously handing out big fat raises to city employees.


Lars Anderson December 4, 2019 at 4:40 AM

Tim McGallian, like the outgoing Mayor Carlyn Obringer, is a stooge-lackey for the Concord Police Officer Association. He was appointed to the council by the Concord Police Department Captains and the POA labor union leadership, that’s the unelected entity that’s runs our city behind the scenes. The council itself played no role in McGallian’s appointment.
The elected city council, of course, is just a ceremonial body in Concord, the real power can be found at the PD station. The only role the council has now is to appove development projects that will steer more tax dollars over to the Wyat Earp like “gang of thieves” that run the Concord PD, all of whom are being paid 250K to police Concord, a city that has historically had very little crime.
McGallian was placed on the council for one purpose, and one purpose only – that’s to keep the gravy train going for the folks that work at the Concord Police Department. In order to get appointed to the Concord City Council McGallian he had to do some heavy duty brown nosing of the PD brass – the bigwigs at the PD screen for carefully to insure nobody will get on the council that watches out for taxpayers.
The people working at the PD want huge salaries, budget choking pensions, make work management jobs for the patrolman to get promoted to, and they also want everything concievable perk the POA leadership can dream up. The essence of what the Concord POA wants – and is getting – is for the city to shower the entire city budget on the PD, which of course is what is happening now. City of Concord police officers are spoiled beyond belief. The full story of what is happening – the degree to which the officers are bing spoiled along with the power they have over the city manager and the council -is actually being covered up by city officials.
This new Mayor we have now in Concord, Tim McGallian, may be the most perfect stooge the POA has ever placed on the council. McGallian, as many know, hero worships Concord police officers to such an extent he will go into a state of rapture when he get’s near a Concord Police officer. Many believe McGallian is serving on the Concord Council only so he can get “closer to Concord men and women in blue and keep recreating these states of rapture.
Like the many previous Concord POA stooges we have had serving on our council, Tim Mcgallian continually parrots the narrative of the Concord Police Officers Association . The narrative, of course, never changes and can be summed up like this; ” Concord is a dangerous place, gun toting gangs are everywhere. Therefore we must be the highest paid officers in Northern California, and we must get these massive pensions as well, and we also must have more officers on the street – to lighten our work load – while simultaneously getting all the OT we want – which we desperately need so our officers can pay thier alimony and thier mortgage payments on our thier homes in Discovery Bay and Danville.”.
McGallian of course, never tires of spending money on the Concord PD, for him that has become the central goal of his service on the council, his lifes work now really. McGallian, of course, is not calling for the construction of a new library, or new recreation programs, or money spent on the arts, or money spent for help the homeless, he instead just continually calls for more spending on the PD, ever larger salaries for the officers, fatter pensions, more crime fighting equipment etc. etc. Yes, they just love McGallian over at the Concord Police department, they have never had a stooge as good as Tim McGallian – he sets the standard for stoogery.

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