DIRTY DINING: 17 Health Code Violations Found at Martinez Thai Restaurant

February 13, 2018 14:00 pm · 0 comments

The Thaitree restaurant on Alhambra Ave. in Martinez was closed by the health department this week due to several health code violations, according to the health department’s website.

The violations, according to the health department, include:

  • Minor violation – Wiping cloths; properly used and stored
  • Minor violation – Food storage; food storage containers identified
  • Minor violation – Nonfood contact surfaces clean
  • MAJOR violation – Hands clean and properly washed; proper glove use
  • Minor violation – Personal cleanliness and hair restraints
  • MAJOR violation – Food contact surfaces: clean and sanitized
  • Minor violation – Food separated and protected
  • Minor violation – Floors, walls and ceiling: built, maintained and clean
  • Minor violation – No unapproved sleeping quarters
  • Minor violation – Demonstration of knowledge
  • Minor violation – Premises; personal/cleaning items; vermin proofing
  • Minor violation – Ware wash facilities: installed, maintained, used; test strips
  • MAJOR violation – No insects, rodents, birds or animals present
  • Minor violation – Approved thawing methods in use
  • Minor violation – Signs posted; last inspection report available
  • Minor violation – Equipment/utensils-approved; installed; clean; good repair; capacity (e.g. sinks, CO2tanks, etc)
  • Minor violation – Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas, use

It’s unknown when they’ll reopen.


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