Annual Count of Homeless Contra Costa Residents Scheduled for Jan.24

January 11, 2018 8:00 am · 23 comments

Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) will conduct its annual count of homeless residents at the end of January.

CCHS’s Division of Health, Housing and Homeless Services, its community partners and volunteers will document both sheltered and unsheltered people in the area who need permanent housing.

Results of this count will not be available for several weeks.

During the 2017 count, 1,607 people were identified as homeless in Contra Costa County.

Dr. Fumducker January 11, 2018 at 8:16 AM

Utterly, utterly mind-blowing how big and intractable this problem is in our U.S. cities and suburbs. And neither we nor our government seem to have the heart or will to tackle this modern horror. Would that our elected leaders would sponsor a comprehensive, non-partisan study that would help us better understand homelessness and its roots as well as providing some better sense of how to effectively whittle away at the problem. Looking back at what I’ve written, such a wish seems pathetically naive and laughable given our current political climate. A song I’ve heard asks: “Have you a heartache for the poor?” Apparently not.

Darwin January 11, 2018 at 3:57 PM

You can do anything you want in this country with an education and command of the English language. Last I checked anyone can Learn English and get and education (student loans) people do it all the time. The problem is the feral drug addict criminal population who have burned every bridge in their life are taking over the streets. They have all been to a residential rehab facility several times.
They are taking away the attention of the small percentage of truly mentally ill homeless people. Don’t feel sorry for them. It takes a lot of effort to be worthlesss in America.

futbllwmn January 11, 2018 at 8:28 AM

And 1600 are in Antioch.

Simonpure January 11, 2018 at 8:56 AM

Not sure where you came up with that number. 2017 shows Antioch has less with the central county being the highest.

Always Right January 11, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Booming economy, jobs unfilled, and we allow people to collect welfare, spend it on drugs, and camp out.

Even mentally ill people can do SOMETHING productive. No more cash welfare. Set up a hiring hall and tell them if they want 3 hots and a cot they have to pick up trash if that is all they are capable of.

What's wrong with you ? January 11, 2018 at 12:39 PM

To assume that homeless people receive welfare shows your lack of knowledge about that system. A permanent address is required to receive food stamps or financial assistance. Public assistance is available to the homeless. Payout for that program is $39.00 to $ 80.00 a month. It is a short term program lasting 3 to 5 months only. Sign me as been there.

Me January 11, 2018 at 1:45 PM

Count yourself extremely lucky to be so ignorant to this topic. But be careful with your resentment because the universe has a funny way of making one understand.

Always Right January 11, 2018 at 3:10 PM

@ “What’s Wrong with you?” – have you ever heard of SSI or SSDI? Federal programs putting cash in the pockets of many vagrants and mentally ill people on the street.

You are wrong. A permanent address is not required.

Darwin January 11, 2018 at 3:47 PM

What’s wrong with you? & Me
You can receive welfare and be homeless. The homeless shelters provide mail boxes to the feral people in order for them to receive benefits The shelters also provide an advocate to sign the feral people up for every available resource with the main goal of getting on SSI Disability. They also provide meals, showers and a place to do laundry. Most don’t stay in the shelter because they want to continue to use drugs. You would be hard presssed to find a feral person who has no been to a residential rehab several times on the county dime. And Once their benefits run out they just reapply.
It’s sad because the drug addict feral people over shadow the very small percentage of mentally ill that fall between the cracks. I know I worked with this population for years.

Pac Islander January 11, 2018 at 9:27 AM

I met the folks who did this count a few years ago. This count is a joke. They will NOT accurately count in bad neighborhoods and hard to reach areas such as creek beds, deep wooded areas…anywhere the counters dont feel safe.

So they substitute using a matrix based upon services used and other unrelated crap.

This is NOT an accurate number and you can problem triple or quadruple the number.

Dont feed the bears….

Marmalade January 11, 2018 at 10:26 AM

If the govt and public would stop giving them all handouts they would go to work.

Everytime I see someone hand money out their window to someone holding a sob story cardboard sign I want to yell at them to stop it. The public is part of the problem

Always Right January 11, 2018 at 10:42 AM

Exactly. Cash handouts are the wrong thing to do. I remember walking to work in SF and getting harassed by some vagrant for over a block. Much easier to give him money but I stood my ground.

Darwin January 11, 2018 at 3:50 PM

You are correct!!! They manipulate people sympathetic emotions.

Great Gonzo January 11, 2018 at 11:02 AM

Summer last year I saw a young female begging at Todos Santos square, when I stopped to talk to her she told me she snuck into Mexico to sneak into the California. Specifically California from Romania! According to her it is well known and believed around the world just getting to California earns anyone who does the easy life!

And I could not tell her different.

Ricardoh January 11, 2018 at 12:27 PM

Find out where these sun lovers came from and send them back. If you don’t want to do that then arrest them for vagrancy and put them in a tent city with kitchen, toilets and showers. To allow them to wander the streets pushing shopping carts begging and sleeping in doorways is pathetic.

chuckie the troll January 11, 2018 at 12:56 PM

Great photo of the ‘mobile home park’.

Aunt Bee January 11, 2018 at 3:55 PM

Let them starve and flee our country, stop them from working the system that I pay for!

Just me January 11, 2018 at 6:29 PM

All I can say is that I hope they get a better count for my neighborhood than last year. Last year it was reported that only 6 indivual homeless people live in the town of Pacheco. I guess the people doing this count should learn how to count first. There is at least 20 plus in just a two block radius of my home, not to meantion the rest that live under bridges in the area.

Joe Martinez January 11, 2018 at 6:54 PM

The opioid crisis and rediculously high cost of housing/living in the Bay area is the cause of the homeless boom. Highly addictive medication was handed out like candy to unsuspecting patients, creating an army of drug addicts. You can blame shotty regulation of the pharmacuetical industry for that. A one bedroom apt in Oakland is $1700. That’s higher than my mortgage payment. There are a lot of working homeless. They get memberships to the gym to wash up and they sleep in a tent or car. It doesn’t just take gumption to put a roof over your head. It takes access to food, clean clothes, a shower, transportation, a job that had a reasonable commute, a system of support from family and friends for the lean times, and a living wage. Most of us are less than 1 paycheck away from homelessness. I hope it never happens to you, it would be a hard lesson to learn.

Darwin January 11, 2018 at 7:47 PM

See my earlier posts and learn something. I covered it all. The drug responsible for the vast majority of the crime and creating the feral population is methamphetamines The popularion you speak of is very small.
We will see the effects of the opioid crisis in five to ten years. Anyone can get into a rehab free of cost, Salvation Army, Jericho, Delancy, Etc… Even if you were prescribed the medication and become addicted, you still have to take charge of your life. Life is not fair. The worst thing you can do is be an enabler. The resources are their if the person wants their life back.

Joe Martinez January 11, 2018 at 8:45 PM

*Darwin* I read your earlier posts. I can tell you’ve never actually spent any length of time in or around drug rehabilitation or homeless rehabilitation. Anyone with a cursory exposure to them would never talk about them in such an insulting way. “Feral population” says it all. Just because you have a lot to say about a subject doesn’t mean you’re adding anything to the conversation. I would encourage you to spend some time volunteering in a homeless shelter or drug rehab, talk to some fellow human beings. A lot of good things are happening. You could be a part of the solution.

Darwin January 12, 2018 at 4:51 PM

@ Joe Martinez
I spent 23 years around the feral manipulative drug addict felons. I know most by name. I think you are still in the getting manipulated stage. Sorry you are so upset. Learn from this. One last thing I don’t speak ENABLER!!!!! Your rose colored glasses are blurring your reality 😩

elviss January 12, 2018 at 12:07 AM

Do the City Councils in these areas have anything to say about the problem? Is this only addressed from a County level? It just does not seem to me that Concord City Council concerns itself with this growing problem nor the number of businesses leaving the city, two factors that effectively make the area undesirable by way of neglect. I don’t hear anything from State of California government on this, either. It seems like the problems of the poor in California in general have been dumped in the laps of religious organizations who don’t have the resourses in my opinion to adequately handle them.

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