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This special post is “Talk About LOCAL Politics”.

Please use this post to talk about LOCAL politics, and keep state and national politics out of this thread.

Thank you, and be kind to each other.

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Anoonoo May 12, 2017 at 9:30 PM

What is it about these politicians named mark?
Your application should be denied if you list your name as mark. May as well list your name as “complete dunce”.

Jojo Potato May 13, 2017 at 11:35 AM

Nothing so happy as a politician with money to spend. Just paused for a moment in the PH library where to mayor was gleefully presenting thoughts about the new library. He flashed up the San Ramon library, $5 million renovation, and the WC library $40 million new building. (I looked up the numbers). Hopefully he will come down to earth at some point and spend something reasonable. BTW, the WC library has become such a homeless hangout that they now have a security guard stationed inside the front entrance.

Lars54 May 13, 2017 at 9:23 PM

DA Mark Peterson will likely not run for re-election now, The East Bay News has called for his resignation, so has the Contra Costa County Grand Jury, along with the leadership of the Deputy District Attorney’s Association. they just voted no confidence in his leadership. they are now lining up all the votes of the rank and file deputies for a no-confidence vote. Even the East Bay Express Newspaper, who actually supported Peterson 8 years ago when he first ran for the top job, is calling for him to resign. You can expect soon that many Police Officer Associations around the county will decline to endorse him, along with Sheriff Livingston. It’s pretty clear Peterson is a sinking ship, law enforcement groups – such as these police officer associations – cannot endorse an embezzler for DA. Also, a very strong candidate has emerged to replace Peterson. His name Patrick Vanier – he’s a highly regarded – squeaky clean – Santa Clara Deputy DA, he will likely get the endorsements of all the police officer associations now. No way can any police officers association back the corrupt Peterson, not even the Concord POA . Peterson, as many know, was very good on raises for the police officers when he was on the Concord council, but not even that is going to save him now. Look for the Concord POA to announce soon they knew all along Peterson was a bad one.

Dr. Jellyfinger May 14, 2017 at 8:50 AM

Frank…. don’t worry about Mark, he’s still learning the game. By the time he gets to be a Senator he will be raking it in.
Just look at Harry Reid…that guy is worth $10 million.
Not bad for public service.

annie2u May 15, 2017 at 9:34 AM

The entire block that includes Half Priced Books is owned by a partnership between San Francisco-based Long Market Property Partners LLC and retail development firm Paragon Commercial Group LLC.

There is plenty of information at Long Market Property about how they acquired the property and who is involved in it.

Mary Fouts May 15, 2017 at 1:44 PM

@JoJo Potato – Thanks for sharing your experience. The EBT recently reported ‘the 7-yr-old WC library cost $28 million, Lafayette’s opened in 2009, cost $43 million. PH estimates that a 22,000 – to 25,000-sq-foot library will cost $15 – $20 million’.

I do not immediately have the sizes of Lafayette and WC libraries. But if Michael Harris thinks that PH is going to build a brand new library for $15 – $20 million, when the other 2 libraries (finished 7-8 yrs ago) cost some 87% to 287% more than PH’s estimates (based on the $15 mil estimate), Harris is misleading the public to the point of absurdity. Plus construction costs certainly have not decreased in the past 7-8 years.

I don’t know why every community needs a unique library building of its own. Why can’t we share resources, and have neighborhood library kiosks in frequented locations, such as grocery stores, shopping areas, schools, etc? Heck, they likely could be at least partially staffed by volunteers.

Lars54 May 15, 2017 at 3:45 PM

Concord really needs two libraries, the current one was built when Concord had 50,000 people. I favor keeping the current one, AND building a new two story “show case” library. Over the next decade – with the new Navy base development – Concord’s population is going to skyrocket, so you really need more than one library. Richmond has three branch libraries, Vallejo has 3 also, and Berkeley has 5 libraries, all of these are smaller cities in population than Concord. The reason we have gotten a new library – and the current one completely renovated – ( that’s long overdue -by about 30 years) is linked to Mayor Laura Hoffmiester’s leadership. She opposes a new library, and we will never get a new library until we get her off the council. Since Hoffmiester has been on the council now for 20 years – she has left her imprint on the city – and a key imprint of Hoffmiester’s is NO NEW LIBRARY As a career city paper pusher – Hoffmiester works for the City of Clayton – she is apparently offended by the City of Concord getting involved in building a new library. That might come at the expense of Concord city employees salaries, and nothing could be worse than that for Hoffmiester. As a long time city employee herself she believes city employees salaries should continue to skyrocket – along with pensions – even though many of her constituents can barely find middle class jobs anymore. Seniors, as I’ve mentioned, got a 4 dollar per month raise in their social security checks this year. Concord city employees? Concord PD patrolman got an $8500 dollar raise in their last contract, and the big wigs in the department got way more than that, and they have a lot of big wigs at the PD now, the department is crawling with them. And how about those PD pensions that pay retiring officers 90% of thier pay – for life. I should mention officers at the Clayton PD – where Hoffmiester works, make about 1/3rd less than Concord’s officers. If Clayton can get officers to work for 1/3rd less, why can’t Concord? I think it’s because nobody, including Mayor Hoffmiester or councilman Leone, or councilman McGallian – are trying to keep PD salaries down, and that’s why there is no money left in city coffers to do much of anything, include building a new library. As I have stated previously a recall is being planned – all of these issues – such as Concord’s refusal to build a library and the excessive compensation of Concord’s PD officers – is going to be the subject of a planned recall of Hoffmiester, Leone, and McGallian. We need to have in our city an intelligent conversation about police services and cost controls. Is this view Mayor Hoffmiester has- the view that the more money you spend in Concord on the PD the “safer” we are – really true? I mean Clayton is paying their officers 1/3 rd less than Concord and they have a pretty safe community, last time I checked anyway. I am skeptical, and so is a growing amount of other Concord residents.

Jojo Potato May 15, 2017 at 4:53 PM

@Mary – that $28 million for the WC library is a complete lie. The library supporters have faked the numbers lower big time. And covered up the source of the funds. Am I the only one who remembers the borrowing against future parking revenue to make up the total? You might think of that when you come shopping in our town. My last memory of the total cost was Ms Silva proudly announcing that it came in “under budget” which would be $39.99999 million so that’s 40 to me. And that didn’t include maintenance which is supposedly $500k per year which was not included so they stole it from other funds. As a lifelong resident of Walnut Creek it sickens me to hear the “leadership” praise themselves for the money thay have wasted.

Anonymous May 15, 2017 at 5:44 PM

Lars – knock it off . You look silly when you say “A recall is being planned” That tells us nothing .

Are police salaries high? Yes. Let me assure you Concord could fill the ranks in a heartbeat with minimum wage workers. Is that what you want?

Before you get all excited about Clayton PD salaries , look at their turnover rate. Few stay there.

You seem to have all the answers . Why not sign your own name and run for city council?

Lars54 May 16, 2017 at 12:40 AM

Annoynomous, I am not knocking if off, I am going to continue my rants until we get Hoffmiester off the Concord city council – she’s a do nothing slug. Bernie Sanders rants, so can I. Two decades Hoffmiester has been on the council! And she has no plans to leave either, she’s a power mad despot. If we don’t recall her she will be on the council when she’s 90 and gumming her teeth. Believe me, Hoffmiester will never voluntarily leave the council, a recall is the only way to end her political career. Hoffmiester has dedicated her life to making sure Concord doesn’t get a new library, that’s a vital concern of hers, she wants to make sure generations of school children have no good books they can check out, seniors either. Hoffmiester wants to raise the rainy day fund to 50 million – she’s a kook, and I am going to continue to point that out to ClayCord readers. Over funding the PD, building up this huge un-needed rainy day fund in Concord – and telling voters the city can afford nothing – that’s Hoffmiesters whole MO in a nutshell. That. and telling voters what a great job she is doing and how well the city is being run. She’s a worthless gasbag.

Retired LEO May 16, 2017 at 7:06 AM

@12 – Anonymous #10 is perfectly happy with the status quo. That’s why we’re in the shape we are.

That being said, you will not be able to staff Concord PD if you cut the pay to Clayton’s level. I’ve seen it happen too many times with other departments.

Anonymous May 16, 2017 at 7:32 AM

OK Lars , I give you permission not to knock it off. You may continue to tell us you have a group of super secret friends who are plotting a coup in Concord. Drive on.

Rollo Tomasi May 16, 2017 at 8:15 AM

Comparing the relative levels of safety in Clayton vs Concord, and basing an argument about PD salaries on that. Funny scale – 10, credibility scale – 0.

Lars54 May 16, 2017 at 9:12 AM

Rollo, I find this argument, which prevails in Concord – especially with our police labor union dominated council City Concord -to be the argument that’s really hardy- har- har. Mayor Hoffmiester, and council members Leone, and McGallian believe – the following false narrative. The narrative is this; the more money we pay our Concord Police Officers, the more fantastic the pensions we give them, the more management positions we let them create at the PD, the bigger the police station we build them – the “safer” we are are going to be in Concord. Talk about a ludicrous argument. That line of reasoning has been used to gut recreation programs in Concord for decades, it’s being used to keep the arts from being funded in Concord. It’s also the central reason we can’t get a library built in Concord, why we have no theater for dramatic plays in our town, or a teen center – things that you can find in surrounding cities, like PH, WC, and even Pittsburg. The senior citizens in this town – like Tomasi here – are not doing the city of Concord any service – at all – by supporting this ongoing budget wrecking ” over funding” of the PD, which is being utilized to fight a pretend crime wave. If you don’t feel safe Tomasi, move to Roosmoor. There is a younger generation in Concord – young children, young adults, young families that want quality recreation programs, a decent library, arts programs and the like. A city should be more than a police department.

Well Folks May 16, 2017 at 12:15 PM

Lars is not a member of any group. If he was he would be reaching out for assistance as anyone here that has been a member of any group trying to get something off the ground knows there needs to be outreach. Lars likes to talk to hear his teeth rattle, nothing more.

Divided and Concord May 16, 2017 at 6:36 PM

Watching the CAC Meeting tonight. As predicted traffic is planned to go north. People near the Bailey Rd side you need to bear some of the burden not just get your green space.

Divided and Concord May 16, 2017 at 6:57 PM

Niko A. I think your question about connectivity to the EBRPD is an important one. It needs to be planned in synchronization!!!

Forsythe May 16, 2017 at 7:27 PM

Today, our very own local Congressman Mark DeSaulnier issued a press release–and he actually managed to reveal that he doesn’t know the difference between the Attorney General and the Director of the FBI.

“The timing of this leak and the circumstances surrounding the firing of Attorney General Comey, who had recently requested more resources for the ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, must be immediately investigated by an independent commission.

Is it possible that the Russians have hacked Mark brain?

Divided and Concord May 16, 2017 at 7:35 PM

Jerome Hudson you’re happy that the high density is not as close to residences? The TOD cores areas are right smack near OUR homes in North Concord!!!

Rollo Tomasi May 16, 2017 at 10:05 PM


Thanks for the entertainment. I gave no opinion regarding the pay of Concord PD, nor that of Clayton PD. What I did was point out that to compare the two and then base an argument on the comparison is asinine. In your hysteria in regards to the Concord leadership you then conclude that not only do I support the pay schedule of Concord PD, but also that I’m a senior citizen. Amazing. Perhaps if you researched other California cities and found one that is comparable to Concord in population as well as racial and cultural percentages and compared the law enforcement budget of the two cities, you might have a point other than the one on top of your head.

Forsythe May 17, 2017 at 12:14 PM

I take it back. Maybe the Russians didn’t hack Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s brain after all. He has actually corrected his web site. It now reads:

“The timing of this leak and the circumstances surrounding the firing surrounding the firing of [Attorney General Comey] FBI Director James Comey, who had recently requested more resources for the ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, must be immediately investigated by an independent commission.”

You can view the corrected press release here:

KAD May 18, 2017 at 5:31 PM

Divided and Concord – None of the existing residents are going to be happy when all is said and done. The new village residents are getting more access to green space than the existing residents.

It's 'Meme' is that you Ma? May 19, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Da’ Neener has been hacked…? What??

Not by Russians or anybody else, but by the “party politic ress”….A new name for press…(They don’t even deserve the name press!)

The girl from the Middle School (Stanley brain washing institute) who asked her mother – “why is Trump against women?” Who had to go to bed before the question came in the ‘town hall’ i.e. CCTimes…The other Gary Peterson…

This same scenario has played out across the country…10’s by 10’s times = With the roust-able town halls giving press on press and more to the agenda…
It’s the democrats ding dong play book alive and well…
The Rhodes scholar woman also commented on the same dimension with her daughter adding the “Trump tag dilemma” – on grope tag! New tidbit…

I was once in school and the alleged form of tag is not welcome nor is it new! The groping comes from all students of all stripes if anyone cares to consider the same bi or any now definitions of gender in honesty…Locker room hazing and so on that goes back back back beyond our grand peeps and is certainly never welcome and what is going on in our own national prisons could make US all lose our lunch not with standing a body burning institute active in Syria or our own baby prevention centers modeled after uncool German eugenics centers from decades ago…

Got Mengal anybody?

The same poor girl has turned up all over…And Tony W. would like to get her text address if possible…

It’s a strategy supreme and a good one with the poor girls psychosis driven to keep the plates being juggled by certain press spinners and press warriors going unto the next great beyond by posturing and all sorts of fake news and spin that “holy cow man” the Russians are coming at the exact time we need Russia to come to the table and not be dismayed nary by the Obama posturing about election hacking (get out of the country fizz) that has totally been debunked and is certain to last longer than a Benghazi film expose that not once one iota with a modicum of deep breath can really really buy into…

Dude Obama pardoned SGT. Bradley for far more (bonafide treason) and now wants less than unicorn Russia hacking evidence to play large? WHAT!

wiki wiki wiki musical chairs at its best!

This will certainly buy Da Neener another 2 years but it doesn’t buy me…

I personally see the strategy press related left as underpants skid marks by the former President and his great American team as the go to of the next Bolshevik meme to hit the country and be bought up and promoted by so many whose coloring books an play-doh cans have dried into stitched butterfly maps of brains that work in a way that researchers have not even considered beyond Russia because they are not behind the inside leaks of the democrat party machine that allowed many of the most of US to see the dark side of what these upstarts are all about!

I say thank you to whoever because its deeper and larger than any webserver other than the NSA Utah plant can contain…Perhaps even them!

Reveal and reveal alike is a tricky stitch game that keeps US engaged and reinvented and following…

I hope a few can see what it is I pose here to follow before you take a bad leap before the net is completed that helps to keep US safe while the twist of the mind as well as the wind keeps US coming back for more before it ends badly or perhaps rightly for some…


Divided and Concord May 19, 2017 at 5:07 PM


I’m sure property values will go up for the homes nearer the EBRPD (the biggest green space).

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