Pleasant Hill Police Search for Missing Man

July 10, 2014 15:59 pm · 11 comments

Police in Pleasant Hill are asking for the public’s help in finding a missing man who suffers from dementia.

Pedro Delatorre, 63, recently went missing from the area of 1911 Oak Park Blvd. and has not been located, according to police.

In addition to dementia, Delatorre also suffers from diabetes and arthritis and walks with a limp, police said.

He is described as a Hispanic man who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 130 to 140 pounds with salt-and-pepper hair, according to police.

He was last seen wearing a gray hoodie, white T-shirt and black jeans.

Anyone who sees Delatorre is asked to call Pleasant Hill police at (925) 680-7000 or 911.

UPDATE: The man has been located.

joatmon July 10, 2014 at 4:27 PM

Oh no! nothing worse than a code green elopement! I worked for a senior care community and we always had to on our toes. I hope they find him soon! how long has he been missing? I know there is the Safeway on the corner and several little shops so hopefully he will be found wandering around….and soon!

The Mamba July 10, 2014 at 4:28 PM

Dementia at 63, that is terrifying. Sounds like he was found though…

J July 10, 2014 at 4:51 PM

@Mary Good job!

Average Joe July 10, 2014 at 4:53 PM

what noone is going lambast these adult children taking care of their elderly parents and not watching them every second?
But neglient parents who let their children do childrenly things and get hurt, get tarred and feathers?

Shasta Daisy July 10, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Thank God he was found.

Timmy July 10, 2014 at 9:46 PM

1911 oak park is a convalescent home I believe. So it’s the “nurses” fault

Tony M. July 11, 2014 at 7:08 AM

Is anyone else disturbed by all of the recent dementia patients who have gone ‘missing’ recently in the area? It seems like every few days I hear about another one. Fortunately they are all found safe. Just seems like we didn’t use to hear about them very often until recently…..

green July 11, 2014 at 10:37 AM

A 63 year old doesn’t get dementia, so it most likely was a typo. Maybe 73 or 83?

green July 11, 2014 at 10:40 AM

1911 Oak Park is the Windsor Rosewood Care Center:

On their website, they boast:

“Wanderguard™ Security System”

jtkatec @ Tony (9) July 11, 2014 at 11:16 AM

My thought, possibly dementia is increasing at earlier ages for the current population. Not sure what causes dementia, (environmental or hereditary), but if its environmental, we may all find ourselves dealing with this issue.

The Realist July 11, 2014 at 12:36 PM

I read somewhere it’s related to the use and absorbtion in the body/brain of aluminium.
Everything frm contrails to soda cans, food trays, even anti-persperant.
We (baby boomers and sooner) are going to get dementia, Alhemizers, and other brain/memory age related illnesses like never before.

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