Four Concord Elementary Schools to Receive Donations of Learning Materials

April 2, 2014 10:52 am · 4 comments

Classrooms at four elementary schools in Concord are looking forward to a delivery of Leap Frog pads, books and other educational materials, made possible through the Concord Police Department.

Elected officials and staff will be on hand at a school assembly at Wren Elementary on Tuesday, April 8 at 8:30 a.m. for the first presentation, followed by Monte Gardens Elementary on Thursday, April 10 at 10:15 a.m., Silverwood Elementary on Tuesday, April 29 at 10:30 a.m. and El Monte Elementary on Wednesday, April 30 at 10:30 a.m.

Isidro Llanos, who works for the City as a Recycling Theft Prevention Specialist in the Police Department, made the Leap Frog donations possible.

“In the past, I have assisted Leap Frog with donating their toys during the holidays. Through those contacts, I was able to connect Leap Frog with children in Concord schools,” said Llanos. Leap Frog donated 1,000 bi-lingual pads and books to children in the Monument community last year, and additional learning materials to students at Sun Terrace Elementary earlier this year.

“This is a great example of how the police department is working to building strong relationships in the community,” says Chief Swanger. “We value community partnerships because we rely on that support and cooperation in order to effectively serve the residents of Concord.”

teacher April 2, 2014 at 11:07 AM

That is wonderful. How do I get something like that for where I work. I work in a district that is just as low if not lower in poverty.

Mustang Sally April 2, 2014 at 1:15 PM

THAT Is Wonderful, and much appreciated.

anonmtz April 2, 2014 at 2:28 PM

Isidro Llanos! Thank you for making this happen for our local students.

Irene Caban April 3, 2014 at 12:35 PM

Many thanks to Isidro Llanos for making all of this possible for our kids at Sun Terrace Elementary. We really appreciate it very much. It takes awesome people like you and Leap Frog to give back to the community and help our kids have a brighter future.

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