Crash on Highway-4 in Concord – Vehicle Nearly Hits Pine Tree

October 29, 2013 23:24 pm · 2 comments


A vehicle left the road, hit a sign and ended up down an embankment on highway-4 in Concord on Tuesday night.

The crash was reported in the area of Peralta Drive, near the Solano Drive-In.

Craig Cannon witnesses the incident, and says “I was traveling west on H-4 when I noticed a cloud of dust and debris flying airborne from the eastbound lanes. A man driving the car in the picture was Lucky to be alive. His car left the road, hitting a sign, and traveled down the embankment. I got on the cell with fire, and found the driver exiting the area. I asked if he needed medical assistance. He said he was OK, but was visibly shaken, and upset. A lucky night as this car just missed a large pine on its decent.”

Lucky guy. Thanks to Craig for the report and the picture!

Craig Cannon October 29, 2013 at 11:45 PM

It’s good to see Someone Walk Away from one of these. Many Times in my Job, not the Case. To be Clear. He was not Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Only Leaving the Vehicle, to Wait for Loved Ones, and a Tow I Presume. He Waited for Authorities, as is The Proper Thing of Course! Many Other Drivers Stopped to Render Aid, Also. Remarkable, So Many Caring People! I Hope Things Work Out-Dude.

babytruck October 30, 2013 at 7:49 AM

Good on you for being there for him and helping him out. So glad that he is alive.

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