Congressman George Miller Comments on the Possible Federal Budget Cuts

February 26, 2013 18:00 pm · 101 comments

The following is a letter that was sent out by Congressman George Miller on Tuesday afternoon to everybody on his email list:

It starts Friday.

Deep and arbitrary budget cuts that will hurt working and middle class families, cost people jobs, and reduce vital services.

Sadly, there’s no plan in sight to avoid it.

Once these reckless across-the-board federal budget cuts — or “sequester,” in Washington speak — takes effect, Americans will see:

  • More teacher layoffs and indiscriminate cuts to special education and Head Start programs.
  • Cuts to health care for military families.
  • A loss of four million meals for low-income seniors.
  • Longer lines and less service at airports and national parks.
  • More uncertainty, instability, and insecurity for the middle class

As the clock ticks down, a bipartisan agreement looks out of reach.

Congressional Republicans are standing fast on their refusal to force the wealthy to pay their fair share by closing tax loopholes, even those loopholes that allow multinational corporations to get tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. And they’ve proposed zero solutions to the sequester. They would rather let children, seniors, and investments in a middle class economy bear the sole burden of deficit reduction.

On the other hand, Democrats are calling for a vote this week on our legislation that prevents this fabricated crisis, replaces the arbitrary cuts with targeted spending cuts and new revenue from closing loopholes for the wealthy. This plan would create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and responsibly reducing the deficit.

Join me on Twitter and Facebook in sharing your views on what the GOP leadership in the House should do now.

We need Solutions. It’s time #StopTheSequester .


George Miller
Member of Congress

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101 Phillip from Clayton February 28, 2013 at 11:51 AM

@ClayDen #90…

Miller, like all other politicians, grouse about the other side not wanting to compromise. The problem is, compromise to either side means AGREE WITH ME – which is NOT compromise.

Instead, it’s limited to blaming others while nothing gets done.

Yet the idiots continue to re-elect an idiot who has NEVER held a real job. How’s THAT????

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