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The Real Housewife of Claycord – Every Thursday at 2pm on

Hi Claycordians!

This week, I want to talk about nice things that people do for eachother….

My faith in humanity was restored this week after our wonderful Mr. Mayor posted a story about the very well loved “Radar”, who we just learned has cancer.

I don’t know the total number of donations collected, but I heard Mr. Mayor say during his interview on KGO (I love to hear a grown man cry when he’s happy) that Radar has collected $8,000 from Claycord readers.

We often focus on the bad in our community. I’m just as guilty, I always talk about the bad things that happen to me, or something bad I witnessed, or something bad that’s happening to somebody else. Very rarely do we ever hear about anything good, which is sad.

For those reading this weeks column, I want to make this about you and I want you to be involved by answering the following question:

QUESTION: When was the last time somebody did something nice for you? Tell us about it, what did they do and why did you appreciate it?

I will start. The other day, my mother-in-law, who I absolutely adore (she reads this column) knew I was having a horrible day. I’m not going to go into details (staying positive), but she surprised me with lunch. She came over and helped me out around the house and we just talked and ate lunch. It was one of the nicest conversations I’ve had in a long-long time and it really changed my day. I was so grateful, and it really made a huge difference.

Your turn!

Moving on….

A few things I saw around Claycord this week:

  • Speaking of positive things. A man in Starbucks on Kirker Pass this week paid for the older man’s coffee who was in line behind him. The older man was probably about 90, and very grateful.
  • I saw a pizza delivery guy driving a Mercedes. That was a first.
  • A friend sent me this: A Pleasant Hill Police Officer off Taylor Boulevard quickly jumped out of his vehicle this week to help capture a small dog in the road. When he got it, he was holding it like a baby and kissing it. It’s nice to see a man in uniform not act so tough.

The Real Housewife of Claycord Housetip of the Week:

  • A clean house will help change your attitude from negative to positive, so go clean your house and be happy.

That’s it for this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, see you next Thursday at 2pm!

It’s time for me to go make a pie!

Go “Radar”, and thank God for!

-The Real Housewife of Claycord xxoo

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